The dangers of desalinated water

Beware of Desalinated Water
An increasing number of countries rely heavily upon desalinated water to provide the water that comes from our taps. It is also the main source of water used on cruise ships.

The problem with desalinated water is that it contains large quantities of calcium and chlorine. These minerals attach to the hair, causing severe damage to the hair cuticle, making it break off. So what is often seen as hair fall connected with desalinated water is in fact extreme hair damage.

Even exposure to desalinated water for a short period of time can make a mess of your hair; and it is not only desalinated water that does the damage, because brackish water can have the same effect. Have you ever washed your hair using tap water in Dubai, for example? It ends up tangled, dull and lifeless, and you may think it is falling out!

Recommended hair care for desalinated water

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